6 Inch 41 Tooth Moto Texturizer

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Usually schools start you off with such horrible texturizers that you'll never really want to use them in the real world. Most people razor because of that. The moto 41 tooth texturizer leaves ZERO line of demarcation and no bite marks in the hair. It is actually the most popular shear we've sold for 2 years because frankly for the last decade, nobody has been really impressed by texturizers and now, they finally have a chance with the fine tooth moto 41

2 reviews for 6 Inch 41 Tooth Moto Texturizer

  1. Kristen Lentz

    Seriously the best texturizing shears. He let me try them before I purchased and I had to have them! They leave no lines in the hair, removes the right amount of hair, and cuts down on my time by a tremendous amount when I need to thin or texture. Must have.

  2. Marcie Narvaez

    By far my favorite texturizing shear! It does a gorgeous job. This shear is a definite must have!

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