Stylists on Moto

Megan GasiorowskiJunostudio of Contemporary Hair Artistry, Boulder, CO

“I seriously love my Moto Shears! I use them everyday since the day I bought them. They are by far my favorite shears that I own. They developed a nickname because I bought the 7 inch blade.. I call them my ninja shears! The round tip makes it perfect for point cutting and not cutting my finger. I also love the metal and I’ve only had them sharpened once since I got them. Overall, I highly recommend these shears, and wouldn’t hesitate to buy another.”

Linda QuachImaginary Afro, Los Angeles, CA

“Aaron and his company Moto has provided me with some of the best texturizing shears that I still hold near and dear to me today. I happily met him while I was working in Kansas City, MO and recently moved to Los Angeles where his scissors have still been going strong! Thank you Aaron and Moto!”

Michelle VanceKeith Kristofer Salon, Austin, TX

“I have three pairs of shears from Moto Shears and I love all of them! Aaron really helped me find the best pair for me and way I cut. My dragon shears are a favorite for me and my clients. Thank you Moto for giving me something original, unique, creative and affordable.”

Rochelle FairchildOwner of Industry Salon, Seattle, WA

“I live and die by Moto Shears!! These shears are the ONLY shears I will ever use! Aaron fit me with my first pair over four years ago, and I have been an ultimate fan ever since! Currently, I own 5 pairs of regular shears and one texture shears. They are comfortable, fit perfect in my hand, balanced well, and give the ULTIMATE cut! You know what I am taking about…that wonderful feeling of the perfect blade cutting hair! I also admire Moto’s business practices and dedication to customer service. Even though I know they have thousands of hairdressers using their shears, they always know who I am and treat me like family!”

Heather StrockOwner of Canary Salon, Seattle, WA

“I’ve been using Moto shears exclusively since the very day I met Aaron Ko, and he loaned me a trial pair in 2012.
Sometimes, as hairstylists, it can be embarrassing for us to admit we don’t necessarily know all the details and differences between different shears or what we necessarily need. Aaron and his team at Moto are highly knowledgable about their product and can make educated recommendations based on your cutting style, and based on what cutting training you’ve taken!
Thanks to them, I’m one of those crazy stylists with a drawer full of amazing, high quality shears that each have a slightly different purpose so I can blunt cut, point cut, and slice with more precision than ever.
As much as I should probably write about the actual shears and how great they are (because it’s true), that’s not the main reason Moto will always have my business— I’ve been in this industry a long time, dealt with lots of reps and vendors, and been disappointed and underwhelmed by almost all of them. That’s never happened with these guys, they take their craft and their service seriously, and I look forward to continuing to give them my business in the future!”

Caitlin Ford DuebelbeisNotch STL, St. Louis, MO

“As a stylist, nothing is more important than the right tools- and of those tools, nothing is more important than a good pair of scissors! My Moto shears are comfortable to hold and get me through multiple back to back haircuts without strain. They cut like a hot knife through butter! The quality is fantastic! I have found that they do not dull quickly, even when cutting on dry hair. I have had my Motos for close to two years now, and they have swiftly become my go-to scissors for the majority of my cuts. Thanks for the awesome, dependable product!”

Kayla VanSkyhawkFreeland, Hollywood, CA

“I met Aaron while working in a high end salon in downtown Seattle about 4 years ago. The biggest challenge for me as a hairdresser is that not only am I extremely picky, and have a certain way I like my shears to look, feel and perform, but I’m ALSO left handed. For all of you who are like me, it’s impossible to find the appropriate left handed shear that will perform and feel a certain way, but also have longevity. I can’t say enough good things about Aaron, his business, and his shears. Not only do they cost less than my Hanzo shears, but they perform and feel 10x better. Plus, supporting Aaron who goes above and beyond to make his customers happy, makes me happy. He’s the only guy I will buy shears from and so should you!”

Tiffany BrandonGallery Of Salons, Austin, Texas

“I’ve been a hairdresser since 1998, have owned several pairs of shears, and I absolutely love my Motos! Aaron came into my salon just in time, too- my Hikaris were right at the ten year mark, and behold, he hands me these beautifully balanced handmade samurai swords that cut wet and dry hair like a hot knife through butter! Did I mention that they are beautiful? The ornate designs within the handle are gorgeous, and they hold their edge for a really long time. I’ve only had to have them honed once in the last couple years. I also got a texturizer from Moto that shear companies don’t even make anymore, and are reminiscent of the old school Barber style thinner. The best part? This duo didn’t break my bank account! Super affordable, excellent quality and would purchase again…..that is, if I ever need to!”

Shelby Riss

“I love my Moto shears and have been using them for years. I can honestly say that I have been through so many pairs prior to these, and NOTHING compares to the precise, even cuts I get with my Motos!! Only shears I will ever use again in my career!!!!”

Melissa LundeenThe Oxford Salon and Spa, Denver, CO

“Moto shears are hands down the best quality sheers I’ve come across in the whole 12 years of doing hair! On top of that the service from Aaron is on point! Always seems to know exactly how to match you up the best shears that fit your cutting style. Moto for life!”

Lisa Amato-GashThe Side Door Salon, Boulder, CO

“Reasonable prices. Lightweight. Nice designs. Aaron gave me great customer service! He knows what hairdressers want! He’s very honest too! We love him here at The Side Door salon!”

Sarah AndersonRooks Barber Shop, Portland, OR

“” Moto shears are by far the best shears I have used as a barber! They honestly made me forget I ever bought a pair of Hanzos. I have several pairs of Moto shears, and each of them handle with command, precision and detail. It amazes me what these shears can withstand while still remaining as sharp and vibrant as the day I got them. Customer service is also pretty exceptional. Anytime I’ve ever had a question or concern, I have always been responded to in what seems like minutes. It’s a smaller business and I’m sure they have lots of clients to keep up with. It means a lot that they always prioritize the relationship they have their clients. It keeps me coming back”

Deena BorrielloEducator at KMS California USA

“Recently got my thumb-less Chopper Motoshears!! Loving them! They are Innovative, and just the best ever !! So much freedom when cutting.”

Mandy BashamVisible Changes, Houston, TX

“I adore my Moto Shears! I have two shears that I purchased from Aaron about 2 years ago. They are still my go-to scissors, and they still cut brilliantly! Perfect for both wet and dry cutting! They are my favorite.”

Sarah SewalelotOwner of The Refinery Salon, Edmonds, WA

“Working first hand with Aaron has been great. He is dependable and knows his shit. Plus, he cuts his hair right in front of you to show how his tools work ”

Owner of Beaux Cheveux, Stilwell, KSOwner of Beaux Cheveux, Stilwell, KS

” Best shears I’ve ever bought, and I’ve bought a lot over the years. Love seeing Aaron with new products. He is the best at customer service for a busy stylist like me. Can’t wait to buy my next!”

Jordan RipleyOwner of Denver Barber Co, at Urban Luxury Salons, Denver, Colorado

“I met Aaron four years ago during his first visit to Denver. He was so passionate about his shears and the art of making the perfect shear, it was hard not to be interested. It’s unheard of in the shear industry to have the creator come into a salon and market his products, let alone let you cut his hair to test them out. Unsure of whether or not to purchase shears from an unknown brand, Aaron graciously loaned them to me- No upfront charge, no credit, just pure trust and faith that I would loves his shears and ultimately buy them. And that’s exactly what happened. I am the owner of a small barbershop in Denver and both my business partner and I only use Moto shears. I would never consider using another brand of shear for my work. Aaron’s designs are unique and ergonomic with stylists in mind. Aaron is a top notched business man who truly values his customers. I highly recommend Moto Shears to anyone looking for top quality shears that result in clean cuts.”

Danielle DavisBombshell Hair at Legacy Salons, Rockwall, Texas

“I love my Moto Shears. They are lightweight and easy to use. My haircuts have definitely been easier and faster since I got them. I especially love my Texturizing Shears. The ones I had before took too much hair out and left lines, but these are absolutely amazing. I’ll never use anything else. Plus, Aaron is very personable and has an obvious passion for his product.”

LesleeStrand Salon, Chicago, Illinois

“’An artist is only as good as his tools’- My life as a hairstylist officially changed for the better the first moment I put a pair of MOTO shears in my hand. Aaron himself is a uniquely creative and inspiring human being! The incredible love he puts into his work shows in the quality and style!! The sexiest Japanese steel in town. Not to mention, how incredibly accommodating he is to his clients. It’s the kind of personalized customer service you just don’t see any more in this consumer society. They are so unique, yet simple, practical and classic. Get your career together already and get some MOTO in your life!!!”

Jonathan HeahZing! For Hair, Port Washington, New York

“The idea of the “lever” is so simple, yet so brilliant. The Chopper’s ergonomic design is beneficial to my future. It allows me to accomplish so many techniques with one shear and it looks pretty badass.”

Chase DanielleBrick & Mortar Barber Shop, Portland, Oregon

“The solid weight distribution gives me a lot of control over the shears. Love my 7 inch Motos!”

Nate EastonCloak & Dagger Barber Co., Portland, Oregon

“I love them. They’re the perfect all around shear. Perfect weight and balance. Comfortable in your hand. Strong yet finite.”

Kim Erin Smay Owner of Salon AriaKirkland, Washington

“Aaron Ko and his team at Moto Shears have been amazing to work with. They provide high grade shears at a reasonable cost and offer flexible payment options. I’m obsessed with the shears that I have bought, and having the right tools has elevated my business! Thank you Aaron and everyone else doing amazing things with Moto Shears!”

Shannon McManus IvesArch Apothecary, Chicago, Illinois

“I’ve worked with many people over the years who sell shears to stylists. Most of them have no passion for the industry and carry expensive, sub-par merchandise. So, when I met Aaron, I was skeptical- but I felt like I clicked with him! He came off as honest and professional. And his price was fair- as is his payment plan. I LOVE the shears I’ve purchased (5 inch cutting shears, dry cutting shears and texturizing shears). I don’t plan on ever buying from anyone else.”

Rashida BondsOverland Park, KS

“I would yell it the loudest! The shears are in fact the best cutting instrument known to hair! A pure work of art. As if art and energy were translated into a universal language, expressed in the beauty and movement of hair. Not to mention what an amazing guy with an amazing group of friends. #myfavoriteshears”

Kelsey TikkerHive Natural Beauty Collective, San Luis Obispo, California

“I was attracted to Moto because of the no-nonsense approach to not only shears, but what stylist want and need. The shears were gorgeous, deeply well thought out, and comfortable. I could not have been happier with my choice. I use them to this day, and so does almost half of our salon as well. Looking forward to my next pair.”

Hana SchaplowCoupe Rokei Salon, Seattle, Washington

“Hey Aaron! I’m not surprised to hear that moto is continuing to grow! Affordable, fair prices without compromising on QUALITY. Best texturizing shears on the market!”

Carol Trapani WilliamsMy Salon Suite, Austin, Texas

“Love my Moto Shears! I own two pairs both super sharp and precise! I feel like my cuts are improved, since purchasing my Moto shears! And I’m 32yrs in the industry! Thx Aaron for thinking about us, the hairdresser where designing the shears! ❤ Carol T.”

Andrea ReesHair On Set, Greater Boston Area

“I love my Moto shears! I first saw them when another artist was raving about them. I knew I had to have my own pair. I instantly noticed how they ergonomically fit into my hand and how easy they were to cut with. I haven’t had any of the normal hand strain or pain of tendinitis since I started using my Moto shears. I would recommend them to anyone!”

Rachael DunnSalon Be, Austin, TX

“I love my Moto Shears!!! I’ve known the owner, Aaron Ko, for at least 5 years now. I bought my first pair of real shears from him. He was recommended highly by my boss at the time, Joshua Martin, owner of Bella Salon. I am an extremely satisfied customer. Aaron treated me like family since day one. My shears are amazing even to this day! I get them sharpened regularly and they still are like brand new. I would recommend this company to anyone.”

Robert BrownHairobert salon, Memphis, TN

“One of the most ingenious and innovative shear designs in years! The unique way you hold the shear virtually makes it an extension of your own hand! So easy, SO comfortable!”

Elizabeth CardellaLactose Hair Designs, Mandeville, Louisiana

“Aaron walked into the very first salon I worked at after graduating from cosmetology school. I thought he was crazy…he said I have some shears and I want you to just cut my hair and see what you think. Well…..I LOVED THEM!!! And I still love them to this day…it’s been five years and I have yet to have to get them sharpened once! Thank you Aaron for your great work and also for being so involved with your customers! Any shear I need I will most certainly be coming back to you!

Seriously though I love my shears…and anyone who gets a hold of them loves them too! I’m glad your business is taking off and I can say I witnessed it from the beginning days when you were walking through parking lots presenting your products to fellow stylist!!”

Adrienne BakerOwner of Merakii Salon, Kirkland, WA

“I have used Moto shears since I started my career. They were the first shears I bought out of beauty school and I couldn’t be more thankful that he walked in to educate me on what a good pair of scissors entails. Since then I have bought 3 or 4 pairs from Aaron. He has been exceptional. I would recommend this company and these shears to anyone. It’s clear his passion for you and his company is intense and his intentions are pure.”

Anne CruseRudy’s Barbershop, Portland, OR

“I have a scissor guy! Moto is the shit! Well-crafted shears and a payment plan… Plus, Aaron is super rad! Thanks Moto!!”

Eric SarantoEric Saranto Salon, Seattle, WA

“I’ve been doing hair for almost 30 years and the Moto shears are by far THE best I’ve ever used. It’s been a pleasure working with Aaron. He’s the coolest and most professional person I’ve met in a longtime. I highly recommend these shears. Also I recently had the opportunity to use his texturizing shears and they frickin rock. I’m buying those today!”

Becky BryantBishop’s, Portland, OR

“I love my moto shears! The guys are really helpful and friendly too! Would definitely recommend.”

Patrick AbernathyOwner of Dillengers Barber Shop, Portland, OR

“Moto Shears instantly became my “go to” shears. I’d been using the “big name” shears for a couple years and didn’t really ever click with them. Now I worry about having Aaron or Corey stop by the shop… Because I know I’m just going to add another pair to the collection.”

Jerrine ImCloak and dagger barbershop, Portland, OR

“Corey with Moto Shears is an amazing sales rep. I was fresh out of school and he was able to educate me on Shears. He showcased and explained how every shear worked. As far as performance, they are definitely a competing brand to bigger names like Hanzo. They cut just as good with nearly the fraction of the price. I’ve bought many Motos from Corey and will go nowhere else.”

Ash OsterlohRooks Barbershop, Portland, OR

“I’ve had my Moto Shears for a little over a year now, and am still very happy with them! Corey is always making sure you’re happy with your purchase, and is very knowledgeable on all Moto shears.”

Anita Graves-BarkerRegional artist At Goldwell US

“I fell in love with my Motos the first time Aaron put them in my hand! Perfectly balanced, cuts like butter AND they keep their edge. I own much more expensive shears but I always reach for my Motos! High quality for an unbelievably affordable price, the best of the best!”

Angelo TerraccianoThe Refinery Salon, and Educator at Wella Professionals

“I love Moto shears! As a stylist and educator who’s all about ergonomics, I feel that Aaron’s shear designs are just that! There’s a style for every hand in the Moto family that keeps your hands comfortable in an ergonomic way. Aside from the design, the materials used to make the shears I am quite fond of, and the biggest thing that I love is that they’re awesome shears at an affordable price! Not to mention financing is a huge plus! -Thanks Moto and Aaron Ko!”

Mikey DentonOwner of Brick and Mortar Barber Shop, Porltand, OR

“Purchases from Corey are awesome! He really knows his stuff and is very passionate about offering a reliable product that he trusts!”