6 Inch Moto Link

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The Link was created so that the stylist could adjust the shear into any hand position possible to suit the way your hand can best fit into the shear. Perfect for oversized hands and those that want a perfect fit.

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4 reviews for 6 Inch Moto Link

  1. Jordan Ripley, Owner of Denver Barber Co, at Urban Luxury Salons,

    “I met Aaron four years ago during his first visit to Denver. He was so passionate
    about his shears and the art of making the perfect shear, it was hard not to be
    interested. Its unheard of in the shear industry to have the creator come into a
    salon and market his products, let alone let you cut his hair to test them out.
    Unsure of whether or not to purchase shears from an unknown brand, Aaron
    graciously loaned them to me- No upfront charge, no credit, just pure trust and
    faith that I would loves his shears and ultimately buy them. And thats exactly
    what happened. I am the owner of a small barbershop in Denver and both my
    business partner and I only use Moto shears. I would never consider using
    another brand of shear for my work. Aarons designs are unique and ergonomic
    with stylists in mind. Aaron is a top notched business man who truly values his
    customers. I highly recommend Moto Shears to anyone looking for top quality
    shears that result in clean cuts.”

  2. Rashida Bonds, Overland Park, KS

    “I would yell it the loudest! The shears are in fact the best cutting instrument
    known to hair! A pure work of art. As if art and energy were translated into a
    universal language, expressed in the beauty and movement of hair. Not to
    mention what an amazing guy with an amazing group of friends.

  3. Adrienne Baker, Owner of Merakii Salon, Kirkland, WA

    “I have used Moto shears since I started my career. They were the first shears I
    bought out of beauty school and I couldnt be more thankful that he walked in to
    educate me on what a good pair of scissors entails. Since then I have bought 3
    or 4 pairs from Aaron. He has been exceptional. I would recommend this
    company and these shears to anyone. Its clear his passion for you and his
    company is intense and his intentions are pure.”

  4. Anita Graves-Barker, Regional artist At Goldwell US

    “I fell in love with my Motos the first time Aaron put them in my hand! Perfectly
    balanced, cuts like butter AND they keep their edge. I own much more expensive
    shears but I always reach for my Motos! High quality for an unbelievably
    affordable price, the best of the best!”

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