7-inch Moto Chopper

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The chopper is Moto's first progressive and exciting tool to date. By dropping the thumb loop out, the stylist can place their thumb anywhere in the crevice of the shear, giving you unlimited angles to work on and absolute stability. All my chopper cutters say the same thing to others, “just try it.”

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3 reviews for 7-inch Moto Chopper

  1. Deena Borriello, Educator at KMS California USA

    “Recently got my thumb-less Chopper Motoshears!! Loving them! They are
    Innovative, and just the best ever !! So much freedom when cutting.”

  2. Andrea Rees, Hair On Set, Greater Boston Area

    “I love my Moto shears! I first saw them when another artist was raving about
    them. I knew I had to have my own pair. I instantly noticed how they
    ergonomically fit into my hand and how easy they were to cut with. I havent had
    any of the normal hand strain or pain of tendinitis since I started using my Moto
    shears. I would recommend them to anyone!”

  3. Robert Brown, Hairobert salon, Memphis, TN

    One of the most ingenious and innovative shear designs in years! The unique
    way you hold the shear virtually makes it an extension of your own hand! So
    easy, SO comfortable!

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