7 Inch Moto Link

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The Link was created so that the stylist could adjust the shear into any hand position possible to suit the way your hand can best fit into the shear. Perfect for oversized hands and those that want a perfect fit.

5 reviews for 7 Inch Moto Link

  1. Linda Quach, Imaginary Afro, Los Angeles, CA

    Aaron and his company Moto has provided me with some of the best texturizing
    shears that I still hold near and dear to me today. I happily met him while I was
    working in Kansas City, MO and recently moved to Los Angeles where his
    scissors have still been going strong! Thank you Aaron and Moto!”

  2. Rochelle Fairchild, Owner of Industry Salon, Seattle, WA

    I live and die by Moto Shears!! These shears are the ONLY shears I will ever
    use! Aaron fit me with my first pair over four years ago, and I have been an
    ultimate fan ever since! Currently, I own 5 pairs of regular shears and one texture
    shears. They are comfortable, fit perfect in my hand, balanced well, and give the
    ULTIMATE cut! You know what I am taking about…that wonderful feeling of the
    perfect blade cutting hair! I also admire Motos business practices and dedication
    to customer service. Even though I know they have thousands of hairdressers
    using their shears, they always know who I am and treat me like family!”

  3. Sarah Anderson, Rooks Barber Shop, Portland, OR

    Moto shears are by far the best shears I have used as a barber! They honestly
    made me forget I ever bought a pair of Hanzos. I have several pairs of Moto
    shears, and each of them handle with command, precision and detail. It amazes
    me what these shears can withstand while still remaining as sharp and vibrant as
    the day I got them. Customer service is also pretty exceptional. Anytime Ive ever
    had a question or concern, I have always been responded to in what seems like
    minutes. Its a smaller business and Im sure they have lots of clients to keep up
    with. It means a lot that they always prioritize the relationship they have their
    clients. It keeps me coming back

  4. Patrick Abernathy, Owner of Dillengers Barber Shop, Portland, OR

    “Moto Shears instantly became my go to shears. Id been using the big name
    shears for a couple years and didn’t really ever click with them. Now I worry
    about having Aaron or Corey stop by the shop… Because I know I’m just going to
    add another pair to the collection.”

  5. Bridie Grohmann, Belle Epoque Salon Kansas City, MO

    Moto shears have been a game changer for me! I’ve always cut with 7″ shears but these are engineered perfectly and make the difference for me. Love them for shear over comb, deep point cutting and detailing. I can’t imagine cutting with another tool.

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