6 Inch Moto Power Shear

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Another popular option of those who want powerful dry cutting, incredibly blunt lines and power. Some sections of hair are just too tedious for thinner style blades. These will hold against any section of hair, for clean and soft lines when doing precision.

5 reviews for 6 Inch Moto Power Shear

  1. Jenni, Prism Riot Hair Studio

    These are some of the BEST shears I’ve ever had in my hand I’ve met 12 year career. For almost 5 years now they’ve been my main go-to and they’re just as amazing today as they were when they were brand new. Aaron is incredible in every way and his shears really stand out above all the rest! I just purchased another pair, just to add them to the collection. I see myself quickly owning a couple more while I’m at it! Great shears, awesome dude and fabulous customer service! I’m a fan for life!

  2. Jeannette Farrell

    I love love love these shears! They are substantial, and strong, but they are not too heavy to be flexible. They perform well for both wet and dry hair, and they are excellent for strong solid lines, deep point texturizing, and very reliable for scissor over comb.

    The 6 inch version of these shears are TSA approved to travel in hand luggage, but the 7 inch are just barely too long, so these are a great option for stylists who travel for work.

  3. Kim Erin Smay Owner of Salon Aria, Kirkland, Washington

    “Aaron Ko and his team at Moto Shears have been amazing to work with. They
    provide high grade shears at a reasonable cost and offer flexible payment
    options. Im obsessed with the shears that I have bought, and having the right
    tools has elevated my business! Thank you Aaron and everyone else doing
    amazing things with Moto Shears!”

  4. Patrick Abernathy, Owner of Dillengers Barber Shop, Portland, OR

    “Moto Shears instantly became my go to shears. Id been using the big name
    shears for a couple years and didn’t really ever click with them. Now I worry
    about having Aaron or Corey stop by the shop… Because I know I’m just going to
    add another pair to the collection.”

  5. Jerrine Im, Cloak and dagger barbershop, Portland, OR

    “Corey with Moto Shears is an amazing sales rep. I was fresh out of school and
    he was able to educate me on Shears. He showcased and explained how every
    shear worked. As far as performance, they are definitely a competing brand to
    bigger names like Hanzo. They cut just as good with nearly the fraction of the
    price. I’ve bought many Motos from Corey and will go nowhere else.”

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