7 Inch Moto Power Shear

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7’s are usually just built to be long. There’s no blade variation or much thought that goes into them besides well…being long. The Moto 7 is what I would call a “power” 7. It’s torsos are powerful enough to go through solid sections, but it’s profile and tips are thin enough to transition right back into piece by piece point cutting. A true 7 for the cutter that wants diversity out of their shear.

12 reviews for 7 Inch Moto Power Shear

  1. Stu cochrane (verified owner)

    Moto is the best! I have these 7 inch shears and the 7 inch blending shears, and I haven’t been more impressed with a pair of shears more than this. Exquisite design paired with the best customer service you can ask for. Moto isn’t just a shear company, they’re rising industry leaders!

  2. Megan Gasiorowski, Junostudio of Contemporary Hair Artistry, Boulder, CO

    I seriously love my Moto Shears! I use them everyday since the day I bought
    them. They are by far my favorite shears that I own. They developed a nickname
    because I bought the 7 inch blade.. I call them my ninja shears! The round tip
    makes it perfect for point cutting and not cutting my finger. I also love the metal
    and I’ve only had them sharpened once since I got them. Overall, I highly
    recommend these shears, and wouldnt hesitate to buy another.

  3. Michelle Vance, Keith Kristofer Salon, Austin, TX

    I have three pairs of shears from Moto Shears and I love all of them! Aaron
    really helped me find the best pair for me and way I cut. My long shears are a
    favorite for me and my clients. Thank you Moto for giving me something original,
    unique, creative and affordable.

  4. Rochelle Fairchild, Owner of Industry Salon, Seattle, WA

    I live and die by Moto Shears!! These shears are the ONLY shears I will ever
    use! Aaron fit me with my first pair over four years ago, and I have been an
    ultimate fan ever since! Currently, I own 5 pairs of regular shears and one texture
    shears. They are comfortable, fit perfect in my hand, balanced well, and give the
    ULTIMATE cut! You know what I am taking about…that wonderful feeling of the
    perfect blade cutting hair! I also admire Motos business practices and dedication
    to customer service. Even though I know they have thousands of hairdressers
    using their shears, they always know who I am and treat me like family!

  5. Mandy Basham, Visible Changes, Houston, TX

    “I adore my Moto Shears! I have two shears that I purchased from Aaron about 2

    years ago. They are still my go-to scissors, and they still cut brilliantly! Perfect for

    both wet and dry cutting! They are my favorite.”

  6. Lucy Linn Owner of Beaux Cheveux, Stilwell, KS

    ” Best shears Ive ever bought, and Ive bought a lot over the years. Love seeing
    Aaron with new products. He is the best at customer service for a busy stylist like
    me. Cant wait to buy my next!”

  7. Jordan Ripley, Owner of Denver Barber Co, at Urban Luxury Salons, Denver, Colorado

    “I met Aaron four years ago during his first visit to Denver. He was so passionate
    about his shears and the art of making the perfect shear, it was hard not to be
    interested. Its unheard of in the shear industry to have the creator come into a
    salon and market his products, let alone let you cut his hair to test them out.
    Unsure of whether or not to purchase shears from an unknown brand, Aaron
    graciously loaned them to me- No upfront charge, no credit, just pure trust and
    faith that I would loves his shears and ultimately buy them. And thats exactly
    what happened. I am the owner of a small barbershop in Denver and both my
    business partner and I only use Moto shears. I would never consider using
    another brand of shear for my work. Aarons designs are unique and ergonomic
    with stylists in mind. Aaron is a top notched business man who truly values his
    customers. I highly recommend Moto Shears to anyone looking for top quality
    shears that result in clean cuts.”

  8. Leslee, Strand Salon, Chicago, Illinois

    “’An artist is only as good as his tools’- My life as a hairstylist officially changed

    for the better the first moment I put a pair of MOTO shears in my hand. Aaron

    himself is a uniquely creative and inspiring human being! The incredible love he

    puts into his work shows in the quality and style!!

    Not to mention, how incredibly accommodating he is to his clients. Its the

    kind of personalized customer service you just dont see any more in this

    consumer society. They are so unique, yet simple, practical and classic. Get your

    career together already and get some MOTO in your life!!!”

  9. Chase Danielle, Brick and Mortar Barber Shop, Portland, Oregon

    “The solid weight distribution gives me a lot of control over the shears. Love my 7
    inch Motos!”

  10. Carol Trapani Williams, My Salon Suite, Austin, Texas

    “Love my Moto Shears! I own two pairs both super sharp and precise! I feel like
    my cuts are improved, since purchasing my Moto shears! And Im 32yrs in the
    industry! Thx Aaron for thinking about us, the hairdresser where designing the
    shears! ❤ Carol T.”

  11. Bridie Grohmann, Belle Epoque Salon Kansas City, MO

    Moto shears have been a game changer for me! I’ve always cut with 7″ shears but these are engineered perfectly and make the difference for me. Love them for shear over comb, deep point cutting and detailing. I can’t imagine cutting with another tool.

  12. Shay Gonzalez, educator for Wella Professionals, Chicago, IL

    I’m so glad you guys are growing so well! Well I have to say that I love my Motos! I have 2 pair, my one for everyday and long for awesome back cutting and dry cutting techniques. Even the hanzo Rep was like “whoa what are these??” Haha love them!

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