Moto Scoop 6 Inch

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Clean cutting and texturizing in a simple kit is something the industry will always be looking for and somehow this kit seems to be the one resonating with the stylist. Experienced, looking to upgrade or new. This has been Moto’s most popular kit for the last 2 years.


The Moto Scoop 6 inches is a cutting essential. The handles are contoured and comfortable and have their weight sitting in the back. This gives it an excellent hand feel and puts less pressure on the hand when cutting into the hair. It feels like you don’t have to snap the scissor and can slice and slide easily through the hair.

2 reviews for Moto Scoop 6 Inch

  1. Kristen Lentz

    Love these shears. They cut so precise and so comfortable to use. The weight to the shear is perfect and allows for great control. Amazing.

  2. Maggie

    I got these as a Christmas gift from my boyfriend and I absolutely love these shears. They fit so comfortably on my hand and cut like nothing I’ve ever used. I did not know what to expect with these but I just ordered my second pair today. These shears are amazing.

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